Glen Gadwood, CNMT, LMNT

"I have known Susan for many years and can attest to the fact that when it comes to fitness, she definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. Her dedication to her own health carries over to how she takes care of clients. Susan is focused on each client's goal and is determined to help him or her reach that goal. Along with this determination comes one of the most caring hearts in the industry. Helping clients reach their goals is not just her job, but her passion!"



"Susan is a very motivating person, with an ever-present positivity. No matter the ability of her students, she pushes us to our best levels and preserves our positive attitudes about ourselves. I also really appreciate that she is hands on with us in class, to ensure our best form." 



"Variety is key in order to keep a class interesting, fun and challenging. Susan keeps an arsenal of classes at hand, and nothing is ever the same. I can show up and expect a new class that is like nothing we've done before. This focus makes it easier to stick to a consistent practice, for me."