Susan Moran   Certified Yoga Instructor

Susan Moran
Certified Yoga Instructor

Hello! My name is Susan, and I am the owner, yoga and cycling teacher here at InnerSol Yoga and Cycle. 

I am so glad you have decided to check out my studio here in the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin. This space does not have a single mirror on the wall, as I strive to encourage my students to look inward, and not be consumed with how they look and what others are doing during class.

My teaching style is powerful, thoughtful and athletic, and I welcome anyone, of any skill level, seeking to practice yoga.  All of the challenges I provide students during class are modifiable, as I work hard to help each student meet their own positive individual needs and goals. The goals for my classes is to encourage you to think about the beauty in yourself, what is strong within you and to disregard any perceived weaknesses.

Everyone has a story when it comes to starting a yoga practice, and mine started when I suffered a life-changing injury and ultimately had a complicated back surgery. I had been a marathoner and triathlete for years, completing 13 marathons and two long-distance Ironman triathlons, before I was injured. 

I was heartbroken when the doctors told me I would not get back to living my active lifestyle. At this point, I turned to yoga, and it has changed my life. Yoga has healed my body, but also was a launching pad to my inner spiritual growth. After receiving my teacher certification, I opened InnerSol Yoga and Cycle in 2013. 

Feel free to join me in class anytime, and you might meet my best pup, Bruiser, see a wild pair of yoga pants or even a handstand or two!

I hope you find the studio a welcoming, community-based and non-judgemental area to practice and grow. 

Namaste, Susan

-Susan is a certified yoga instructor and received her 200-hour training under internationally-recognized yoga professional Debra Williamson. She also holds a graduate degree in exercise physiology. 

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